TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Little Rock, AR

If you’re bothered by pain and limited mobility of your jaw, then you might suffer from TMD. TMJ disorders are common due to trauma, stress, and teeth grinding. Different kinds of treatment are available like a splint, mouth guards, open surgery, arthroscopy, and injecting steroids into the joint. These aren’t used in all people, though.

At Knight Dental Care in Little Rock, AR, we only recommend surgery and invasive procedures for patients who haven’t responded to more conservative options.

Conservative TMD Treatment Options

At Knight Dental Care, we’ll give you a few lifestyle changes to implement. We found that in many cases, TMD resolves on its own as long as you adhere to these few pieces of advice.

The first is the use of cold and warm temperatures. You should apply an ice pack to the joint and temple for 5 to 10 minutes each day. After removing the ice pack, we recommend that you perform a few stretches for your jaw then apply a warm towel for approximately five minutes. This should be repeated a couple of times each day.

As for food, your diet should consist of soft foods only. Hard foods and foods that take time to chew aren’t recommended as they put pressure and overexert the joint. Gum is strictly contraindicated. Mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, fish, and scrambled eggs are some soft and nutritious foods you can eat.

Take care when it comes to moving your jaw and subjecting it to pressure. Try not to yawn or open your jaw too much with activities like singing. Don’t rest your chin on hard objects either because the pressure will be transmitted to the joint, leading to more damage. Relaxation techniques are great for those who clench their teeth due to stress.


Simple analgesics and muscle relaxants can go a long way in relieving pain and spasm of the TMJ. Don’t self-medicate, though, as these drugs have potentially serious side effects. Upon visiting us at Knight Dental Care, we’ll inform you of the treatments we think will help.

Living with TMD isn’t easy, but a few minor adjustments to your daily routine can help.

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