Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy

Periodontal Treatment in Little Rock, AR

Periodontal disease is a condition that affects the gums and bones surrounding teeth. At Knight Dental Care in Little Rock, AR, we don’t take periodontal disease lightly. As the condition progresses, it can significantly weaken the jawbones and even lead to bone loss. As bones are weaker, teeth become loose and might fall out too.

At Knight Dental Care, we have a team of experts who have dealt with dozens of periodontal disease cases before. The team of people we have is more than capable of treating your periodontitis with efficiency.

Conservative Treatment of Periodontal Disease

While periodontal disease can be very serious later on, in its early stages, conservative treatment might be enough. Unless there’s gum or bone loss, surgery might not be needed at all. The conservative treatment of periodontal disease comes in many forms.

The first is cleaning and scaling teeth. This is done to remove plaques and build-up from teeth. Why do we want to remove plaque? Well, apart from getting in the way of your bright smile, plaque has other consequences as it’s the build-up of bacteria.

When we remove plaque, we remove bacteria, which are the source of infection. For more effective elimination of infection, we will likely prescribe antibiotics too. These antibiotics can be systemic which is in the form of pills to be swallowed, or in the form of rinses and gels that are to be applied locally.

Local antibiotics have fewer side effects as they’re not absorbed into the circulation in significant amounts. Nonetheless, systemic antibiotics are needed to treat severe infections.

Surgery for Periodontal Disease

We talked earlier about how conservative treatment is enough for mild cases. Severe cases with tissue loss will need surgical interference. This interference is usually done to restore lost bone and gum tissues.

We have bone flaps and soft tissue flaps. Using these procedures, we use bone or soft tissue from other healthy sites in the body to replace the tissue lost due to periodontitis.

Surgery sounds scary, but it’s not as serious as it sounds. Additionally, our team is skilled and capable of performing these surgeries.

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