Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Little Rock, AR

Oral cancer or mouth cancer is cancer that develops in the mouth, affecting the lips, tongue, roof of the mouth, gums, floor of the mouth, and lining of the cheeks.  According to the US-based Oral Cancer Foundation, oral cancer afflicts approximately 54,000 Americans every year and is responsible for more than 9,750 deaths annually. When caught in good time, oral cancer is treatable via targeted drug therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

Knight Dental Care is a family-friendly dental practice that offers oral cancer screenings in Little Rock, AR. Oral cancer screenings are an essential component of preventive dentistry and highly effective in safeguarding your oral health. Dr. William Knight recommends getting screened for cancer annually if you’re aged above 40 and every three years if you’re younger.

Symptoms and Causes of Oral Cancer

Common oral cancer symptoms include persistent mouth or lip sores, loose teeth, growth or lumps, mouth and ear pain, white or reddish patches, bad breath, and difficulty when swallowing and chewing.

As it happens with other forms of cancer, oral cancer develops when cells mutate abnormally and grow uncontrollably while destroying healthy body tissue. The exact cause of this abnormal mutation is yet to be pinpointed. However, science has identified several risk factors that may increase one’s susceptibility to oral cancer. These risk factors include excessive smoking and alcohol intake, exposure to human papillomavirus, excessive sun exposure, and genetics.

Oral Cancer Screening Process

Oral cancer screenings near you involve checking for the tell-tale signs of cancerous conditions, as mentioned in the previous section. Dr. William Knight inspects your oral cavity visually to check for apparent symptoms. If any issues are detected, our dentist may additionally use oral cancer screening dye or light to determine if a biopsy test is required.

It’s worth noting that oral cancer screenings aren’t diagnostic. Only a positive biopsy test can definitively determine the presence of cancerous conditions. If the biopsy test comes back positive, our dentist in Little Rock, AR collaborates with cancer specialists to get you the personalized and timely treatment you need to restore your oral well-being.

Are you looking to take greater control of your oral health? Reach out to Knight Dental Care today to book an oral cancer screening appointment with our dentist near you.

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