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Dental Fillings in Little Rock, AR

Even a small cavity has the potential to cause pain and discomfort if left untreated. Our family-friendly practice at Knight Dental Care provides a range of preventive and restorative treatments to ensure lasting oral health.

If you are suffering from acute sensitivity, pain, or discomfort, it could be caused by a cavity. In this case, please contact our skilled dentist near you for suitable fillings in Little Rock.

What Are Cavities?

When we consume food, food debris gets trapped between teeth and between the teeth and gum tissue. Bacteria feed on food sugars and form oral plaque, a corrosive acid that degrades tooth enamel. Once the decay progresses, it leaves behind a small hole or space known as a ‘cavity’.

Our trained dentist, Dr. William Knight, can detect cavities early during regular checkups. We use advanced diagnostic x-rays to highlight hidden areas of decay or cavities. Cavities take months, or sometimes even years, to develop, and they are usually silent during the initial stages.

What Happens If You Ignore a Cavity?

Ignoring a cavity invariably leads to a host of problems later on. Higher acidic levels force cavities to expand faster, and they are usually found closer to the gums. Tooth enamel is thinner towards the base of the tooth, and the enamel is more prone to deterioration.

Rear teeth like premolars, molars, and wisdom teeth are more vulnerable to cavity formation. These are more difficult to clean as the toothbrush cannot reach hard-to-access portions of the oral cavity.

Benefits of Fillings near You

Our reliable dentist in Little Rock, AR, may place a filling to seal the cavity. Getting a timely filling to seal a gap in your dental arch can:

  • Prevent the cavity from spreading to the gums
  • Prevent bacteria from accessing the hole and penetrating the pulp
  • Reduce sensitivity as the nerves are no longer exposed to air
  • Prevent food particles from getting stuck in the cavity

Regular teeth cleanings at Knight Dental Care can eliminate cavity-causing oral plaque, tartar, and calculus and reduce the risks of cavities.

Visit our emergency dentist in Little Rock now you’ve chipped teeth, bleeding gums, etc.

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